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AIRVOLUTION 2017 is AirAsia’s inaugural regional hackathon that aims to spearhead innovation in the Asean region. Up to 100 talented individuals will participate on-site in the 18-hour event at RedQ from 18 – 19 March. They will form teams to compete for attractive prizes by creating new products or solutions and presenting them to a panel of judges

Event details

Date: 18 – 19 March 2017

AirAsia Berhad, RedQ​, Jalan Pekeliling 5,
Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (klia​2) 64000 KLIA,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Will AirAsia be flying the teams based outside of Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur?

Who should attend?

What is the official language used throughout AIRVOLUTION 2017?

Are you a software developer, designer, engineer and tech entrepreneur based in AirAsia destinations? This is your time to shine!

Register now and turn those bright ideas into reality at AirAsia’s 18-hour hackathon in efforts to solve challenges in the aviation world and ultimately, revolutionise the digital realm.

For those who are still deciding whether or not to register their teams in such an event, hackathon is the perfect stomping ground to widen your network and learn things that may have never even crossed your mind.

Beyond coding, AIRVOLUTION 2017 brings an awe-inspiring social event that gathers a pool of great talents across the Asean region alongside a panel of prominent judges.

Now is the time to bring your ideas to life. Join us and be part of the AIRVOLUTION!

What is AIRVOLUTION 2017 all about?

Why Attend?

Yes! Shortlisted teams based outside of Malaysia will be flown to the event venue on AirAsia flights (from AirAsia destinations only). And yes, we will fly you back home, too!

To hack, or not to hack. That is the question that haunts every programmer, be it for good or bad. The task can be daunting, requiring immense focus that stretches from hours to weeks, proving only a select few are able to take up the challenge.

Like any sporting event, history will be made with each passing second, and AIRVOLUTION 2017 promises to be a weekend full of drama as teams vie with each other to turn ideas into revolutionary real-world solutions within a short period of time.

Here are some of the benefits of joining AIRVOLUTION 2017.

1. Learn and conquer

Hone your technical and communications skills by resolving challenges over two power-packed days through an intense process of brainstorming, coding and bonding with your teammates, and even collaboration with other teams.

2. Develop great products

If you’re struggling to come up with business ideas, our panel of judges - comprising the industry’s best - are here to offer invaluable feedback and mentoring to take your thinking to the next level.

3. Opportunities aplenty

Rub shoulders with industry leaders, entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals from across the Asean region. Win or lose, this is the perfect networking platform. Who knows, it could even land you the biggest project of your career!

You are free to use any development platforms such as web based, mobile, IoT, wearable tech, and Raspberry Pi. The solution must also be able to scale.

What is the presentation format and what should my team look for to win the judges’ hearts?

The event will be conducted in English and team demos and presentations are to be presented in English only.

This is where your marketing skills come into play. Just like the hundreds of awe-inspiring business pitches that take place daily in Silicon Valley, LIVE DEMOS are the only way to go.

Each team has 8 minutes to present, including a minimum 30-second live demo of working proof of concept / prototype / app, and Q&A session with the judges.

Don’t worry if the project is not 100% complete as it will be judged based on the following criteria, including but not limited to:


- Impact: How would the project benefit the target audience?

- Creativity: Ingenious solutions and original ideas, no matter how big or small.

- Design: A well thought-out blueprint and crash proof, front-end layout and UI/UX.

- Execution: The solution should have a clear timeline and effective results from start till finish.

1. Teams

- Each team must consist of five (5) team members only. Each individual is only permitted to register in one team.


- Participants are to pre-select their team members and nominate their own team leader. The team leader will be responsible for submitting his/her team members’ participation details by 19 February 2017, 23:59hrs (GMT +8).

- All team members must appear in person on-site at the AIRVOLUTION 2017 venue by registration time on the first day of the event, and must be present throughout the event. Failure to do so may result in disqualification for the entire team.


2. Treat others with respect

AIRVOLUTION 2017 is dedicated to offering a safe space where people of all backgrounds can gather, embrace their differences and innovate together! Any harassment, including racism, sexism or any other form of discrimination, is strictly not tolerated.


3. Showcase your work

Build something and be ready to present your hack! The presentation must not deviate from the challenge. Teams that do not address the substance of the challenge will be disqualified. All submission(s) must be original work. Any form of plagiarism or copying is not allowed. All submission(s) must be new. Any work that has been submitted for other competitions (whether in Malaysia or overseas) or has been used for commercial purposes and/or has been published in any media will not be accepted. The organiser shall not be responsible for entries that are lost or contain corrupted data due to whatever reasons.


4. Project resources

To ensure all teams start on equal footing, we ask that all codes, graphics, sound and other assets be created during the AIRVOLUTION weekend, although teams will be allowed to plan and create basic designs and layouts ahead of the event. Usage of public domain images or any materials with Creative Commons licensing is strictly not allowed. Teams violating this rule will be disqualified immediately.


5. APIs, Libraries, & Open Source

All teams are encouraged to utilise third party services, libraries and open source projects. Build something amazing using the great resources and the amazing APIs available in the public domain.

6. Ownership

All teams and participants shall give AirAsia the right of first refusal of ownership for all codes, solutions, apps, software, data and concepts built and submitted at the AIRVOLUTION 2017. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for further information.

7. Happy hacking!

Hack, make new friends and have an awesome time! We understand it can be challenging, so don’t forget to take breaks, eat healthy and just enjoy the event.